• Business expansion increases the geographical distribution of a growth inspired organization. Effective connection of employees becomes the necessity. Conventional attendance applications do not serve the purpose efficiently. eMpower Mobile Appplication is the new age choice to meet the attendance management needs efficiently and cost effectively.

How it works : 

  • The employee has to enter the Username and Password to log in.
  • As soon as the employees log in the application, they can click on the 'In' button to record the 'In time' and 'Out' button to record the 'Out time'
  • In coordination with the GPS, the system displays the location of the employee when he clicks to record hi 'In time' and 'Out time'


  • Employees can be connected from any part of teh world through GPS based attendance.
  • Advantageous in case there is no physical office and attendance is to be captured at project site. NFC based attendance serves the purpose.
  • Attendance recorded in real time.
  • With a smart phone built-in Dashboard, managers can attend to the staff concerns more efficiently.
  • One can generate a report providing derails of an employee's in/out time and location as follows:

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