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  • Survey Data ++, SEED Management Services IT solution for knowledge gathering is a proven technology based solution to address the need of field data collection by providing accurate, authentic, and adequate statistical data in a desired time frame .
  • Designed from the past experience of developing complex , long questionnaires.
  • A tool for researchers, economists, data analysts to configure and deploy surveys.
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Current Difficulties and pain points :

  • Long Life cycle, no real time data.
  • Tedious for long questionnaires having around 100-200 questions.
  • Data accuracy is at stake, since it depends upon readability and is highly error prone.
  • Can lead to wrong analysis and inferences.
  • Non eco friendly.
  • Maintenance of collected data is a painful task.
  • Can lead to loss of data, which is of utmost importance.

Need of hour :

  • Getting timely and authentic data.
  • Asking right question in right manner.
  • Getting right answer.
  • One stop solution.
CAPI survey methodology

Survey on tablet

Digitalization of data collection

Technique involves the use of electronic media like tablet to collect , store , manipulate and transmit data relating to interviews conducted between interviewer and the respondent(s).

Benefits of digitalization(CAPI)

  • Better quality
  • Improved timeliness
  • Lower cost

Improved data quality

  • Online edit checks.
  • Interviewer instructions and prompts.
  • Ease of changes to survey after pilot surveys.
  • Time stamping options.
  • Potential to reduce sample size because of improved data quality.
  • Enumerator is at comfort of data collection.

Improved timeliness

  • Elimination of separate data entry phase.
  • Use of field coding system.
  • Electronic transmission ensures real time and reliable data.

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Summary Statistics :

Survey Location Devices Used Days for data collection Average daily per device
Ag hold Survey Maharashtra 2 15 10
Technology farmer
survey 2013
Bihar & Odisha 16 20 3
Dairy consumer
Maharashtra 10 10 10
Dairy Survey 2014 Maharashtra 6 10 10

Survey Data Features

  • Data Capture : Variety of answer types supported such as single select, multi select, radio buttons, open text boxes, labels
  • GPS coordinate, media capture.
  • Device rental facility.
  • High complexity questionnaire , configured with ease.
  • Data quality control:
    1. Within module consistency check.
    2. Cross module consistency check.
    3. Complex data validation.
    4. Interactive error correction.

Web Portal

  • A web based tool to monitor data collected from the fields.
  • Export data into excel directly.
  • Custom reports and graphical representation of data.

Training enumerators

  • Importance of enumerators in data collection.
  • Extensive training in their local language.
  • Pilot survey support.
  • Assistance in data collection.
  • Continuous interaction during data collection.

Survey Data Collection Method

survey automation software.JPG
survey data offline sync

Data monitoring

  • Real time data quality checking.
  • Identification of important key fields.
  • Marking of observations for out of range values.
  • Informing the enumerators about the variance.
  • Rechecking the edited responses.

Data Export Utility

  • Standard tabular excel export.
  • Compatible formats for most of the statistical analysis tools.
  • Facility to have both codes as well as words in the sheets.
  • Customized reports, basic analysis in built.


  • High speed data collection
  • Authentic, accurate and high quality data gathering
  • No missing data
  • Complex questionnaires become easy on devices; jumps, skips easily handled
  • Eco friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Easy data consolidation in required format
  • Data monitoring while survey is conducted
  • GPS tracking facility
  • Multiple language support.
  • Device rental facility
  • Effective and Efficient Research Survey Product
  • Research Survey Product with an amazing pace of reaching to the completion of survey
  • Performs Real time data collection. This Real time data collection is very effective for gathering data from the general public and for sensitive employee surveys. All participants have their own keypads and are able to privately and confidentially register their honest opinions.


  • Research Organizations ( Govt. / NGO)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys on smart devices in restaurants/showrooms/malls etc.
  • Policy making organizations which need to conduct surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Educational institutes
  • Any scattered data collection on fields/ remote areas.


survey on tablets
survey on tablets
survey on tablets
survey on tablets

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