“eMpower is a fully automated, 100% web-based solution to easily track and manage employees’ paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types. Also solution to support employees’ Muster roll input.
Moreover, the support services offered/rendered by SEED Management Services team is great. I usually do not have to wait to get a support analyst, and when I do, they are usually knowledgeable as they know exactly what my issue is and how to fix.” I, sincerely appreciate the support and co-operation extended by SEED Management
Services team from time to time to our organization.
— S. V. Khetle, Dow AgroSciences India Pvt Ltd.

We have been using eMpower time attendance since May 2011. It is a user friendly system and can be customized as per the organisations requirements. Employees can view their own attendance and even take the necessary reports from it. In true sense it empowers individual employees to take charge of their own attendance. We also would like to mention that we received good support from their office for streamlining the system to the requirements of our organization and within 2 months we had smooth operations. Specially to mention all the data was pulled in the experts from our access systems that we have installed at Aquatech including the list of employees and their reporting HOD. Empower definitely takes care of the time attendance and leave management of the organization.
— Vijaya Rumale, Sr. Manager-HR, Aquatech Systems(Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

”We have been using eMpower time attendance for last 2.5 years.It’s very user friendly and tailor made software which takes care of most of our attendance related activities. We really appreciate the “after sales support” from SEED Management Services team who are serving us since last 2.5 years...
— Head - Administration,Fundtech India Ltd.
Survey Data++

My name is Ekin Birol, I am a researcher at the International Food Policy Research Institute. I am an economist and I work with primary data. I have been collecting data using computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) survey method since 2008 and since 2009 I have been working exclusively with SEED Management Services in programming of my instruments for CAPI use. We used CAPI for detailed farm household surveys about the production and consumption of specific crops in various countries in Africa and various states in India. CAPI eliminates the errors that may be introduced by the data entry people. The enumerators (especially younger, computer literate ones) prefer it to PAPI; the data quality is much better since many of the anomalies and inconsistencies can be programmed to be minimized; most importantly we can get the data almost in real time (daily, if the supervisors can find internet to send the data) and hence we can monitor the data and data collection process from a distance.
— Ekin Birol, Seniour Researcher, Harvest Plus
”Thanks for all the support and value add in our experience, being HR personnel its always great to see something taking off your manual loads and Empower software dose the same for us. With this software now live at our workplace, we are now investing our time in other value adding activities. Not only saving time this software has helped us in bringing in more accuracy as well and made us a more professional organization.

The best feature of this software is its user friendliness, those employee who miss the trainings also understand it very easily and start using with either zero or minimal support.”
— Rajani, ITRON India Pvt. Ltd.
“Support services offered by SEED Management Services is great. I usually may have to wait to get a support analyst, but when I do, they are usually knowledgeable as they know exactly what my issue is and how to fix.”
— Sudhir Kulkarni, DGM-HR - Paranjpe Schemes (Construction) Ltd
Survey Data++

SEED helped us provide a total solution for field data collection and database management through use of PDA based survey instruments. For us as a research agency, this was the first time we used PDAs for data collection purpose. We were quite apprehensive about how it will turn out, but with excellent support from SEED Management Services, who had a dedicated manager for our project, the entire experience was great and hassle free. I will not conduct any large surveys without PDAs any more and I am pretty sure I will hire your automation services for the same in the future.
— Aditi Mukherji, Senior Researcher, International Water Management Institute ( IWMI )
Survey Data++

We had a satisfying experience with the handheld devices for our data collection in 2010. The survey which includes a huge data-set and has a time constraint in the sense that data needs to be quality checked regularly and as quickly as possible, handheld devices are of immense use. In a repeated survey in which there is a baseline data-set, the devices help in transferring the responses to excel (or other statistical packages) quickly and hence can be compared to responses from previous surveys for the same respondents. We used devices in collecting data for a study in the state of West Bengal, India. The study involved the analysis of the impact of metering of tubewells in six districts of West Bengal. The dataset consisted of personal level data of a respondent (farmer) to his irrigation details, agricultural details which included cropping pattern, landholdings, water usage (buying and selling) etc. In a nutshell, the data consisted of both quantitative and qualitative responses.
— Anubhab Gupta, Researcher- IWMI