• eMpower's Cloud Protect Server program provides you with cost effective and complrehensive service that enables you to remotely manage Servers efficiently. You don't have to worry about high capital investmnt to build your own NOC(Network Operations Centers) or hunt for Server experts. Instead you can focus on you client relationships, and at the same time remain competitive and provide services to your clients under stringent service levels.


  • Unpredictable IT costs place a real burden on your business. The eMpower Information Systems Solution gives you predictable, monthly IT expenses by eliminating the costs of upgrades, monitoring, patching and operations of your infrastructure.
  • The greatest advantage eMpower Information Systems has over hosting is that if our network or your Internet Service Provider's network goes down, your systems are still operational. Because the servers resides at each company's premises, the only thing lost during an outage is monitoring and remote backups.
  • eMpower Information Systems will be immediately notified of such an outage and will help restore the network. The eMpower Information Systems solution also includes many of the benefits of hosting, such as security and server monitoring, remote storeage of data and fixed monthly fees but for significantly lower cost.
  • The eMpower Information Systems solution solves most IT-related disaster and recovery problem.

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